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ePantry only gets you products free of chemicals harmful to your family and to the earth.

Our Story

ePantry was founded in 2012 with a vision to make the world a little more sustainable by making people’s lives a little easier. The earliest version of our idea came, as many ideas do, over a beer back at Amherst College. Despite considering myself “environmentally friendly,” I was frequently buying petroleum-based, non-compostable, never recycled plastic cups … even when more sustainable alternatives existed. Why? Convenience. Mass-market brands can get their products ideal shelf placement, where they are too easy to ignore.

We started ePantry to change that dynamic by using ecommerce to change a category that is both inconvenient and has a massive environmental footprint: household consumables. Our goal is to create a solution so convenient (and economical), that people – regardless of their level of environmental passion – will want to use it. Can we be more convenient than the “paper towel isle” or stockpiling hundreds of rolls of toilet paper? I sure hope so …

And, of course, all of the brands that we partner with share our mission of both protecting the planet and protecting families. We only offer products that are good for the world and for your family (which always includes being completely evil-chemical free).

Thanks so much for being a part of this. We hope we can make your life a little easier, and leave the world a little greener for it.

Team ePantry